Welcome to Microhub Financial Services
19th August 2018

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 08:00-16:30
Saturdays 08:30-11:30

203 Josiah Chinamano Avenue

Harare, Zimbabwe

+263-4 701923-5

Training and Advisory Services

Microhub believes in helping people and communities to help themselves beyond providing access to loans. As the needs of the low-income household continue to evolve, the business has expanded its capacity building initiatives for inclusive growth. The focus has also been on programs reaching out to the rural and agriculture communities, empowering youth and women and other vulnerable segments of the population. The basic idea is to play our part in fostering general human development and social security. The company believes that its training and business advisory services can help equip clients with the necessary skills to manage lives and businesses better. In this regard, the business offers the following packages among others:

• Start your business
• Farming as a business
• Basic Bookkeeping
• Leadership and small business management principles
• Financial literacy among other

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