Welcome to Microhub Financial Services
19th August 2018

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 08:00-16:30
Saturdays 08:30-11:30

203 Josiah Chinamano Avenue

Harare, Zimbabwe

+263-4 701923-5

The Investment Case

The microfinance sector is a rapidly growing sector across the emerging markets and in Zimbabwe the sector is still in its infancy level of development. The current trend of economic informalization is expected to accelerate as large, blue chip and traditionally resolute companies and employers significantly rationalize costs and retrench staff thereby providing significant opportunities and microfinance businesses. The attractions to the microfinance sector are many. Microhub wants to further demystify the notions that microfinance is not for serious business people and that for good returns MFIs have to exploit their clients through high interest rates and other malpractices. The technological and mobile advancements have started to provide vast opportunities for sustainable growth, efficiency and real attainment of the much talked about social goals and impact. The major constraint in the sector at the moment is current liquidity crunch in the economy. There is a perpetual need for funding.

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