Welcome to Microhub Financial Services
19th August 2018

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 08:00-16:30
Saturdays 08:30-11:30

203 Josiah Chinamano Avenue

Harare, Zimbabwe

+263-4 701923-5

Beltha Sithole

    Beltha Sithole

Type of business: Flea Market

“The Microhub interest rate is very reasonable. The Loan Officers are very helpful and also offer sound business advice. Thanks to Microhub my business has been so successful.

Thank you and keep it up.”

Colleta Nyamayaro

Colleta Nyamayaro

Type of business: Baby Clothes Retailing

“Since I started dealing with Microhub I have found the staff to be very efficient and understanding, they listen to customer issues and try to solve them professionally. The terms and conditions for their loans are also reasonable and the interest rates are affordable.”

Evelyn Chilengalenga

Evelyn Chilengalenga

Type of business: Flea market

“I am very happy with the service that I get from Microhub Financial Services. The Loan Officer is helpful and regularly visits my business to assist with business advice. They have been a big help to my business as they have supported my business and helped it to grow.”

Pretty Chigwaza

Pretty Chigwaza

Type of Business: Electrical Sales

“I have benefited a lot from Microhub’s financial assistance. Their loans have assisted me to be well stocked, hence I am able to satisfy my customers at all times. Their interest rate is also quite reasonable.”

Prince T. Muchabaiwa

Prince T Muchabaiwa

Type of business: Protective Clothing and Agro-Chemicals

“I love the Microhub turnaround time for loan applications, as the time it takes to process loan applications is short and convenient to customers. Their repayment periods and interest rates are very friendly.”

Vekezela Taruvinga

Vekezela Taruvinga

Type of business: Electrical Sales.

“I really appreciate and feel part of you as you have supported my business. I would not hesitate to recommend Microhub to any other needy person.

Thank You for all your support.”

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