Welcome to Microhub Financial Services
19th August 2018

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 08:00-16:30
Saturdays 08:30-11:30

203 Josiah Chinamano Avenue

Harare, Zimbabwe

+263-4 701923-5


Microhub Financial Services (Pvt) Ltd is a young, dynamic and fast growing indigenous microfinance institution that was incorporated in November 2015 and began operations in January 2016. Its sole mandate is to take financial services to the informal sector- through its accessible, affordable and flexible service provision, starting with the most needed, that is, credit. This is done in manner that drives social and economic transformation to the informal sector and the communities at large.
The main rationale for the establishment of the company is conviction that the informal sector has increasingly become an important segment of the economy and sustainable returns can be obtained if tailor-made solutions are offered to the sector efficiently through adoption of technology in service delivery.
MICROHUB plans to reach financial self-sufficiency within a short period of time by rapidly expanding into all the major towns, peri-urban, rural and agricultural communities of Zimbabwe. This aggressive expansion and push for above average financial returns will be balanced with measurable socio-economic impact on the communities and Zimbabwe at large.

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